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Economic Development


Integration to Council systems ensures all the relevant information is available to system users within a single system; addresses, company details, permit information, statuses and other important information is synchronised and provided using the Microsoft Azure service bus and logic apps, a low code platform that ships with the ability to integrate to any service provider with published API’s.

Infor Pathway integration supports bi-directional or one way integration to BizConnect so that: 

  • Address validation can be ascertained in BizConnect for each enquiry. This ensures time is being spent working with companies that are within Council boundaries. 
  • Application and permit data can be sent to BizConnect so that the responsible officer can direct business requests easily and efficiently. 
  • Access the submission and lodgments dates of the application/permit. 
  • Review the decision of the application.
  • Access historical information in a quick and easy to view timeline. 

Third party providers are also supported, such as: 

  • Australian Business Register for validating company details and to understand if the company is active. 
  • Xetta integration provides the ability to consolidate event payments.  
  • SMS so that businesses can opt in for more urgent communications.  
  • Health manager for providing insights to food, health & beauty and prescribed accommodation businesses. 
  • Power pages, provides a secure portal supporting external access to relevant business data stored in BizConnect, allows for external parties to update their information and publishes upcoming event information. 

BizConnect is built upon Microsoft Dynamics 365, users can enjoy the level of integration that is expected by business users. 

At a minimum, Microsoft office integration provides: 

  • Microsoft Outlook for tracking of activities such as email, appointments, tasks. 
  • Microsoft Word for populating templates. 
  • Microsoft Excel for exporting data.