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Customer Service

Improved Customer Experience & Satisfaction

Customer loyalty begins with a tailored service - integrated across the right channels, at the right time. Help your team make every customer interaction count and better anticipate needs with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service.

Making Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service, Fit For Purpose

Our team at XRE are ready to deploy solutions that fit specifically to your unique business needs.

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Self-service support

Design, predict, and deliver content through the right channels in the Automate self-service with virtual agents and rich knowledge-based portals.


Personalise customer interactions with tailored experiences by better understanding customer data.

Empower productivity

Take the guesswork out of case resolution using AI-driven productivity tools that equip agents with the right information at the right time.


Leverage AI-driven insights and analytics to improve agent and customer experiences.

All in one solution

Utilise native voice, integrated case management and customer support timeline through the one solution.

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