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The Story Of

XR Elements

Leveraging Intelligent Business Applications & Delivering Tailored Solutions For Our Customers.

As a trusted Microsoft Partner, we are dedicated Dynamics 365 experts who are committed to understanding your business problems and providing the right business solutions.

We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise which has been gained and refined over 20 years across a multitude of industries. Our people are recognised as leaders in their fields, personable, technically outstanding and at the forefront of industry development. Our consultants deliver solutions based on real-world experiences and best practices, ensuring real business value.


Our Story

XRE’s inception began with Mark’s vision to be a trusted purpose-driven digital transformation service provider that could enable agile decision making and see businesses succeed.

That’s why XRE has continuously delivered successful projects to organisations of all shapes and sizes.
Along the way, mutual respect has been a driver for great relationships and great projects. We have also developed an agile delivery method that has been carefully crafted and refined over 10+ years to better serve our customers.

Strengthening our resolve to deliver exceptional outcomes to our clients we have made the decision as easy as possible for you, XRE has partnered with industry leaders to provide you with add-ons, procurement of licences and ongoing support.


Our Core Values

1. Commitment & Promise to Customers: We engage through our focus on building strong relationships. Not only do we deeply understand your business needs, but we also get to know you for a holistic approach. We believe in transparency and accessibility so we’re on the same page every step of the way.

2. Respect: Enabling a respectful workplace for our employees is non-negotiable. Respect reinforces their confidence to share ideas, empowers them to work at their best without stress and keeps our employees engaged and productive.

3. Honesty: We operate with honesty being a core business practice and value. Our team act in a transparent, trustworthy manner that enables open lines of communication with each other and our customers to get the work done.

4. Quality: XRE completes work to the highest standard that reflects us. No detail too small, no ask too big, we value quality over time constraints.

5. Teamwork: Our teamwork seamlessly together, troubleshooting and problem-solving to enhance their skills and deliver on our commitment to customers.

Join The Team

We believe in an employee-first approach. If the team is happy, we know that our customers benefit from engaging with positive, productive, and motivated staff. Our team are specialists in their field and have the confidence to question and challenge customers to provide context and ensure the best results.

In order to provide the right solution, we look at an organisation holistically. We want to break down siloes, streamline processes, equip businesses with the right tools and empower people to achieve goals. We’re agile, nimble, and capable of quick decisions. Our purpose is to establish long-lasting partnerships, not just deliver short term projects.

At XR Elements we are always looking for staff that share our cultural values and align with our goals. If you think you would be a great fit, we would love to hear from you.

Join the team