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Economic Development

Enquiry Management

Enquiries come from many sources phone, email, website, events just to name a few. BizConnect reports on the most common enquiry sources, an important step to develop ways and means for business enquiries to be funneled through a more streamlined process. 

When Council is first contacted it is important to quickly verify that Council can assist the person initiating the enquiry and for this purpose BizConnect integrates to third party systems to validate the address and business details of the enquiry, creating confidence that the enquiry can be managed effectively. 

Dashboards containing the records of who to assist as a priority means that first in first out principles apply and ensures a measurable experience in resolving businesses interactions. 

Council can choose to send out relevant and timely communications to industry, based on enquiries being received, for example, where industry segments are affected by a pandemic send out relevant information to specific industry segments.