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Drive Citizen Engagement & Make Powerful Decisions

XR Elements are ready to accelerate digital innovation and transform public services. With experience working across Federal, State & Local Government, we understand that there is a pressing need for modernisation and flexibility across processes.
Build a customised, cloud-based system that provides scalability and reduces time to deliver digital services. Unify and integrate your applications with low-code and maximum efficiencies. Transform digital efficiencies through process automation, quicker procurement, stronger engagement and employee recruitment and retention. Benefit from business capabilities that support joint applications.

XRE Powering Government Solutions

Citizen Engagement

Citizen engagement can be costly and time-consuming for governments. It can take substantial resources to plan and prepare data to effectively engage citizens.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the capability to manage and organise citizens through detailed profiles. This enables an easier connection between governments and their citizens. 

Business Process Automation

Governments are typically overrun by paper-based processes. Paper is expensive, time-consuming and an obstacle to get work done.

Business process automation allows staff to take care of important tasks while repeatable processes such as data organisation can run automatically with little to no human contribution required. While these automated workflows and processes are running, data is being collected to review and improve workplace efficiency.

Speed Up Procurement

Procurement processes typically get delayed and lack continuity. Automation and digitisation can create a streamlined process that offers better control over each stage of the lifecycle.

From visual dashboards to digital templates and forms, empower staff to have a holistic view of the process and receive required documentation and signatures on time.

Integrated Business Applications

Legacy systems no longer fit to keep up with the evolving needs of their users which increases users' vulnerability to security breaches and makes data difficult to access.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides consolidated business applications that are secure on a single, cloud platform and can scale to growing needs. It enables end-to-end business processes driven by unified navigation, visually appealing core user experience, and allows for seamless integration with one another.

Transform Digital Efficiencies

Microsoft Dynamics 365 has been designed with all industries in mind, including all levels of Government. Transform digital efficiencies through stronger engagement, process automation, quicker procurement and employee recruitment and retention.

XR Elements is a supplier of IT systems to Federal, State and Local Government entities. As a Microsoft partner focusing on Microsoft Dynamics 365 line of businesses applications and surrounding technologies, XRE has delivered successful outcomes to numerous Government Departments, Commissions, Agencies & Authorities.

With over 20 years’ experience in the field of business improvement, we help organisations of all sizes to develop and align processes to expected outcomes. Enabling key decisions makers with the right metrics to report on while enhancing the delivery of products and services to other entities becoming measurable, repeatable, and aligned to regulatory laws.

Federal Government

Federally, XRE has delivered solutions for grants, approvals, case management and process improvement. You will find XRE on the Digital Marketplace and Buy ICT listed under the category of Software engineering and Development.

State Government

Working with the Victorian State Government, XRE has developed & delivered Microsoft Dynamics 365 systems to better manage stakeholders, licencing systems, dispute resolution, procurement and general CRM systems.

Local Government

Locally, XRE has developed solutions that drive economic development through a consolidated view of local businesses in council areas. Adopt XRE tailored systems that connect better with your citizens through outbound communications and in-person or online events.

Secure, Protected Data

XRE is operating in accordance with IRAP-approved and compliant Microsoft solutions; Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365.
IRAP provides the framework to endorse individuals from the private and public sectors to provide cyber security assessment services to the Australian government.

The IRAP assessment of Microsoft's services and cloud operations helps provide assurance to public sector customers in government and their partners that Microsoft has appropriate and effective security controls in place for the processing, storage, and transmission of data classified up to and including the level of PROTECTED. The IRAP assessments found that the Microsoft system architecture is based on sound security principles, and that the applicable Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM) controls are in place and fully effective within our assessed services.