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Grow your business and adapt with technology

SMEs are an integral part of the Australian economy making up approximately 98% of Australian businesses and contributing to more than half of the nation's GDP. 

14.3% of $2m-$5m turnover businesses have entered the $5m-$10m turnover size businesses. Fast-rising inflation, reduced consumer spending, staff shortages and fast-rising interest rates contribute to the key challenges that SMEs face in the coming years. It is therefore important to introduce organisational systems that increase back-office efficiencies, provide an exceptional customer experience and a point of difference to retain profit margins.

To combat these pressures, XRE supports growing SMEs through their journey by providing tailored business solutions. 

Combating the key challenges of SMEs

Increased efficiencies

To be more efficient means being able to be more productive and do more with what is available. Creating business process removes duplication across the organisation, increases accuracy of information and provides repeatable and consistent customer engagements. By implementing a flexible framework modified overtime provides decision makers with the confidence to make informed decisions.

Increase sales & customer satisfaction

Implementing a sales process defined by stages enables your salespeople to effectively engage with your customers. Having your salespeople engage with the right people at the right time decreases buying time and allows for deals to be closed more quickly, translating into increased sales. Having access to historical information and good-quality data is the key to better understanding your customers and increasing customer satisfaction.

Connected systems

Consolidate your systems and work effectively through connected & integrated systems. Allow your business to work cohesively and in turn enable your team to work collaboratively and efficiently. From procurement and case management to marketing and finance, everyone benefits from consistent data in one accessible location.


By improving the quality of data, organisations recognise more reliable reports. Dynamics 365 provides greater visibility along the customer journey and streamlines your reporting process through intelligent business applications and surrounding technologies. Empower your key decision-makers with accurate & up to date information that they need to make the right decisions for your business.

XRE is here to help you leverage the right business solutions so you can do more with less. From increased efficiencies, sales & customer satisfaction to connected systems and robust reporting, XRE provides your business with real value and solutions to foster growth and adapt to arising challenges.

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