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Financial Services

Seamlessly Modernise Customer Experiences & Integrate Scalable Solutions

XR Elements are here to alleviate the challenges facing the financial services industry.
With a remote workforce being the new norm and customer interactions at a minimum, Microsoft Dynamics 365 brings back connection, personalisation and streamlines business operations.

XRE Powering Financial Services Solutions


Combat criminal activity with adaptive AI that continuously learns evolving patterns, including credit card and mobile bank fraud activity.
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection helps safeguard your customer accounts. It defends against bot attacks, fake account creation, account takeover and fraudulent account access.

Centralised Data

No longer be held back by legacy systems, integrate a cloud platform that enables firms to simplify and standardise their data. Financial services firms can also use Microsoft Dynamics 365 to help with asset management, trading and risk management. Leverage cloud technologies as a single source of truth to improve data analytics.

Customer Engagement

Better engage your customers by having a deeper understanding of their needs. Be more attuned to what drives them and deliver a higher standard of service in a shorter amount of time through rich profiles, accurate reporting and their desired communication channels.


Implement controls to satisfy compliance requirements. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used to collect data, perform in-depth data analysis and provide insights by way of identifying potential compliance risks. It can also standardise processes and maintain consistency by putting regulatory procedures in place for employees to follow. Stay responsive and utilise process automation to keep up with any new regulations or policy changes.

Microsoft Cloud For Financial Services

Microsoft designed this solution to empower financial services and enable even the most complex control frameworks and regulatory requirements.
It brings together capabilities with multi-layered security and comprehensive compliance coverage to deliver differentiated customer experiences, improve employee collaboration and productivity, manage risk and modernise core systems.

XRE is here to assist you, in navigating a pathway as an enabler of Microsoft Dynamics business applications for your organisation. We tailor Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services to your needs and integrate it with your business processes and existing data to deliver better outcomes.

Learn more about Microsoft Cloud for Financial Services.

Why Financial Firms Are Embracing The Cloud

Deliver differentiated customer experiences
Deliver differentiated customer experiences

Unify data across your organisation to enable a comprehensive view of customer information. Use this data to reach deep insights that provide strategic and targeted communications that resonate with customers. Connect with customers through secure virtual meetings and engage instantly via channels like SMS and chat.

Empower employees
Empower employees

Provide users with remote connectivity to sales and service apps, to strengthen connections with customers to build loyalty, attract new business while meeting regulatory requirements.
Simplify onboarding, automate processes, enable collaboration, facilitate omnichannel communications with customers and enhance their digital banking experience.

Combat financial crime
Combat financial crime

Defend against fraud with adaptive AI technology that continuously learns evolving fraud patterns.
Utilise risk reports and take advantage of scalable compute analytics to power modelling, insights and regulatory reporting.

Security & compliance
Security & compliance

Microsoft’s approach to securing customers' information involves a security control framework of technologies, operational procedures, and policies that meet the latest global standards, adapting to security trends and industry-specific needs.