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Keep Track, Optimise & Get Ahead

XR Elements are here to assist healthcare providers on their digital journey and improve overall efficiency.
We understand the many challenges the industry faces, from communication, information and integrated services to data privacy and regulation.
Be able to do more with less and transform customer service with Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Put processes in place that helps health providers track the patients' health journey and capture patient information. Optimise customer support through building a unified dashboard for all communication from current and potential patients.

XRE Powering Healthcare Solutions

Effective Communication

Enable healthcare workers to easily stay in touch, receive instant updates and have access to accurate patient information. A complete view of patient data and user-friendly tools facilitates smoother and quicker communication within organisations and across different locations.


Help those who don’t have readily access to healthcare providers by leveraging Microsoft Teams. Videoconferencing reaches more patients, faster and also provides education and remote training to healthcare workers.

Centralised Data

Our team can build and integrate scalable solutions that accommodate healthcare providers’ data management needs. Consolidate your systems and utilise a user-friendly dashboard to leverage a holistic view of your organisation.


XRE values privacy and Azure safeguards sensitive health data to enhance security and privacy, manages ever-changing compliance regulations and continually improves data governance and trust.

Microsoft Cloud For Healthcare

Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare provides capabilities to manage health data at scale and make it easier for organisations to improve their patient experience, coordinate care and drive operational efficiency while improving security and compliance. This solution enhances patient engagement, through a seamless flow of information at every point of their journey. It empowers health team collaboration through a secure environment that simplifies complex workflows and advances coordination. It also improves health data insights by connecting data across systems while supporting privacy and protecting organisational information.

XRE is here to assist you, in navigating a pathway as an enabler of Microsoft Dynamics business applications for your organisation. We tailor Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare to your needs and integrate it with your business processes and existing data to deliver better outcomes.

Learn more about Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

Why Healthcare Practitioners Are Embracing The Cloud

Enhance patient engagement
Enhance patient engagement

Utilise patient outreach tools, a patient service centre and the patient portal to better engage with your patients. Patient outreach is a patient campaign management application that helps organise and automate marketing. The Patient service centre monitors and manages patient interactions and communications. The Patient portal gives the patient access to doctor information, appointments, chats and their clinical data.

Empower health team collaboration
Empower health team collaboration

Dramatically improve the collaboration between your health team staff and care for their patients. Create, personalise and enable new care plans for patients and manage team members. Schedule appointments based on data and view patient information in context. Utilise Microsoft Teams to schedule manage, and conduct virtual visits with patients and collaborate internally with health team members.

Improve clinical & operational insights
Improve clinical & operational insights

Connect data from across systems, creating insights to predict risk and help improve patient care, quality assurance, and operational efficiencies. Transform outcomes by using data-driven insights to improve clinical decision-making and care experiences. Improve operational efficiency by synchronising management efforts across clinicians and administrators.

Security & compliance
Security & compliance

Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft 365, and Microsoft Power Platform are subscription-based online services hosted by Microsoft Corporation within Microsoft managed datacentres. These online services are designed to provide performance, scalability, security, management capabilities, and service levels required for applications and systems used by business organisations.