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Economic Development

Industry Events

BizConnect allows users to conduct a variety of marketing activities.

Events either Council run such as face to face, workshops, industry targeted, online, and gala events or advertised events to assist local businesses. End to end event management is supported in BizConnect allowing for records to be segmented based on stored values, invitations to be sent by email or postal services, ticketing including payments via Councils payment gateway, waitlisting of attendees, surveys either anonymous or not and analytics of mail outs/open rates, publishing of landing pages and event related metrics.

Create quick personalised emails with rich design templates and image stores or implement a full customer journey, the choice is yours. BizConnect allows Councils to consolidate systems, store a wide range of records, building on attended events and building of queries based on up-to-date business data across the organisation. All of this without the need to export and import records from systems to send outbound mail. 

By creating queries to segment business or contact records Council can send more personalised communications to achieve measurable outcomes and personalise experiences with AI.