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Marketing & Event

Event budgeting & planning

As Councils look to engage with businesses delivering messaging with varying and relevant information, it is vital to ensure you have a comprehensive software system to support and engage various stakeholder groups. As the need for more informative communications to be sent to industry leaders on educational matters, monthly updates, regulatory requirements and more.. having the ability to effectively engage is paramount to successful engagements. 

Key event-management features include: 

  • Seamless contact, registration, and attendance management features in one system. 
  • Business processes that guide users through the essential steps of event planning. 
  • Session, session track, and speaker management. 
  • Managing attendee passes to grant access to specific sessions or tracks. 
  • Venue management for tracking buildings, rooms, and room layouts. 
  • Guest logistics for registering hotels, room allocation, and reservations. 
  • Tracking sponsors and their sponsorships for each event. 
  • Creating Microsoft Teams webinars and live events. 
  • Integrated to Councils payment gateway. 
  • Reviewing the attendance history of each contact, including events and sessions attended. 
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Voice survey integration. 
  • A fully functioning event website you can publish that includes: 
    • Self-service attendee registration. 
    • Important details about all published events, including event name, venue, passes, session schedule, and speakers. 
    • All information drawn directly from your marketing event-planning records, with updates automatically reflected on the event website.