Succeed Together


After your project has been deployed and as your organisation’s needs mature, it is important to be able to engage subject matter experts not only when needed but in a proactive manner.  The last thing we want is that your business begins to loose clarity of its data or doesn’t stay up to date with technology advances in CRM.

To make sure this does not occur we have developed a number of flexible and pro-active engagement options that we call XR PRO Plans.

The XR PRO Plans are managed services that are pre-purchased and follow our Agile delivery process where features are deployed each month. Depending on the complexity of your Dyanmics365 CRM system our proactive clients invest between 2 – 10 days each month. They use this time to invest in changes and enhancements that are needed to ensure they continue to stay on top.

IN a typical XR PRO Plan you receive:

  • Monthly meetings to discuss business requirements.
  • Development hours not used from one month accumulate to the next.
  • Consulting hours accumulate from month to month so use the hours as you like.
  • No need for drawn out sign off processes, simply schedule in the work within budget.
  • Move between plans based on the amount of work required from month to month.
  • Use your time as you wish: training, reports, dashboards, configuration or customisations.
  • Access to one of our managers for escalation of requests and updates to product related news and Microsoft roadmap of up-coming functionality.
  • Cancel at any time by providing 30 days written notification.
  • Regular release schedules.

Talk to us about choosing a XR PRO Plan that allows you to access the right amount of consulting time that you require so you continue to have the decision making confidence through great data insights.