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How XR Elements Helped Purple Line Recover, Accelerate Digitization and Thrive Following Bad IT Partner Experience Download full case study

One of my favourite things about XR Elements was the fact that they have done exactly what they said they would, in the timeframe they promised. In IT, it is common to meet people with big dreams and grand plans that often fail to deliver. With XR Elements we told them what we wanted, they advised us on what we needed and got the job done.”

About Purple Line

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Founded in 2011, Purple Line is a market leading caravan and RV manufacturer based
in Melbourne. The company has grown considerably and developed an extensive
range of caravan components and accessories, including popular inflatable camper
trailers, Air Opus.

A problematic first partnership

In 2017, Purple Line experienced rapid growth across the business. As a result, the
incumbent IT systems were beginning to strain under the pressure of increasing
requirements. The business needed to systemise processes in order to cater to its
increasing scale.

Purple Line opted to migrate to Microsoft Business Central and selected a partner to
assist them with their plans. However, the partner did not deliver on their promise and
instead of systemising processes created a significant mess. Integrations were clunky
and not well configured and the inventory was incorrect and hard to navigate. At the
same time, the company kept growing, which only exacerbated the IT problems.

During an incredibly difficult and arduous 2019, Purple Line Director, Malcolm Hill,
employed an inhouse IT consultant to help correct the chaos caused by the partner.

The Business Need

Tasked with solving Purple Line’s IT problem, Ilija Pesic. IT Consultant conducted
extensive market research to identify the right partner.

“Having been burned so badly by the previous partner, we were very thorough in
researching partners to support us. XR Elements were recommended to us by multiple
people, both inside the Microsoft network and by customers. In addition to this, when
we met with Mark and the team, they were clear and genuine in their communication,”
says Ilija.

The XR Elements team reviewed the state of Purple Line’s Business Central and got to
work tidying it up. To further streamline business processes, Mark’s team also began
the deployment and integration of Dynamics 365.

The project included configuring the complex systems and ensuring all license
requirements were correctly configured and up to date.

XR Elements advised that it would take approximately three months to configure,
integrate and deploy Dynamics 365, which it did.

The challenge

The two businesses met face to face and via Teams regularly, which the Purple Line
team believe has been integral to the success of the partnership. This contact enabled
ongoing discussion and allowed the XR Elements team to provide detailed support
and advice to Ilija, Malcolm and the team. The focus on learning has ensured that Ilija
is well equipped to manage and adjust the system in the future.

Whilst the system is still in its infancy, the training has been well received by Purple
Line staff and has ensured that everyone is onboard with the vision for Dynamics 365
and the now functional Business Central.

Key Outcomes

For any organisation looking to roll-out Business Central or Dynamics 365, the Purple
Line team are adamant that due diligence on providers is key.

“2019 was a nightmare for us from a tech perspective, it could not have possibly got
worse. Being in that position meant we were very thorough in checking references
and asking specific questions when looking for a new partner. XR Elements’ reputation
was very strong and meeting them in person only further fuelled our confidence,” says

Ilija and Malcolm also believe that finding a partner who proactively stays on top of
emerging technology and trends is invaluable.

The Future

Once the platform is live and embedded in the business, the Purple Line team will turn
their attention to increasing the system automation - starting with integrating all lead
generation into Business Central and Dynamics 365.

The team is also keen to migrate multiple production site spreadsheets into OneDrive
and SharePoint. Malcolm is excited to unlock Power BI and create automated live
dashboards with predictive analysis.

“The automation plans will become reality this year. In 2021 we will focus on making
our campers smarter and exploring how we can integrate them with different
platforms. We’re not quite ready, but soon, thanks to XR Elements, we will be able to
use business data and IoT to feed into the design process. It’s exciting, and amazing
when you consider the mess we were left with in 2019,” concludes Ilija.

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