One Team


We want to understand your problem, why it’s causing you issues and how is it holding back your success.  When we’ve got a great grasp of that we then develop short and long term strategies to overcome these issues.  These strategies are based around your business, technology, culture and communication.  All of these need to align to give you the best results.  Finally we move onto implementation.  It’s here we use Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM as the base platform. 

A lot of our clients require solutions that require integration with other platforms. As specialists in Dynamics 365 we know how to ‘talk’ to these platforms by using a number of products that been developed to enhance Dynamics 365 and speed up the delivery of your projects such as;

  • Xero to Dynamics 365 integration
  • Field level phone number & address formatting
  • SMS integration
  • Integrated portals
  • Advanced document generation & reporting

Knowing that we have the expertise to ensure your platforms can communicate with each other brings piece of mind so get in touch so we can talk through your requirements.